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Lindy Longhurst


Art and Illustration

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Mandala Art 1999 - 2021

I began drawing and painting my mandalas in 1999. It was the basis from which my art business grew. Over many years I completed several series of mandala work as well as over 150 Personal Mandalas for individuals and families.



Mandalas are interconnected, flowing, symbolic and spiritual images that combine the inner and outer qualities of any belief, theme or person to express an overall essence or story. They have many layers that can be explored consciously and subconsciously, evoking the known and unknown within us. For this reason they are often used as tools for introspection, healing and meditation.



The serpent is often included in my mandalas to honour its representation as the living creative energy around us. Throughout many cultures it has been represented as the divine feminine energy - a spontaneous force behind  all creation and as a symbol for transformation, growth and rebirth. It is found  represented in Indian (Kundalini), Australian Aboriginal (The Rainbow Serpent), American Indian and Celtic mythology.


The Serpent - KUNDALINI

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